Hello everyone, gypsies and non gypsies alike,

My name is Kat Herrera better known as The Gypsy.  Born in Caracas, Venezuela  I was raised on the beaches of Margarita by two great parents who’s love of surfing led them to own to their very own surf shop creating custom surfboards. My two older siblings and I became accustomed to the beach life, sleeping under the stars and bathing in nearby rivers. As we got older our parents chose, for our benefit to move to the United States. Now 20+ years later and I am still living in Miami along with the majority  of my family. I am an artist, with mediums ranging from tattooing to painting to DIY hand crafts. I am also a biology student at Miam- Dade College studying Biology, on the other side of the spectrum. My hobbies include: traveling, writing, exploring new places and volunteering for the good of others.

I hope you enjoy my blog. I plan to make it very exciting and very engaging for my readers 🙂

If you have anything you would like to read about feel free to write me an email at: inkattak89@gmail.com


-The Gypsy

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