The Gypsy Life Presents Top 5 States to Smoke Weed In

Hello fellow Gypsies!

On today’s blog I will be telling you which are the best states to travel to and smoke weed in! Sounds fun eh? The following list provides states that have either legalized weed for recreational use, medicinal use or have decriminalized weed according to their laws. First of, the concepts are not the same, and understanding the difference will help keep you out of trouble when deciding to take a puff of the magic dragon. If you would like to know your own state laws before taking a nice vacation click here.

To begin with states like Colorado and Washington have legalized cannabis for recreational uses, meaning you can smoke it the same way you can drink alcohol. You must be 21 and over, you can not disturb the peace and you must stay away from certain areas such as schools and parks. If you follow these rules you can’t be arrested, ticketed, or convicted for smoking a little pot ( and I mean little, check for consumption amounts).

Then there is medical marijuana legalization. This type of legalization means if you are a patient suffering from lets say back pain, sleeplessness, lack of hunger (and the list goes on), you more than likely qualify for a Red Card, that is a medical marijuana card that is your proof that you are legally allowed to smoke weed for “medicinal” purposes. Sorry, us immigrants already took the Green Card. If you want to know more on getting your Red Card while visiting California check out my upcoming blogs.
To be clear, decriminalization of marijuana is not the same as legalization of marijuana. Decriminalization means it is no longer subject to prosecution.For marijuana, this means individuals caught with small amounts of marijuana for personal consumption won’t be prosecuted and won’t receive a criminal record or a jail sentence. That is why it is important to know the law in certain states.
Hope this has cleared up any questions you had about cannabis consumption and what each law means. Now let’s take a look at what the top 5 states to smoke weed in the U.S. are:
5. New York
Ahhh, good old New York, where most direct flights are dirt cheap and renting a car is more of nuisance than it is a necessity. In 2014, New York lawmakers passed a law to legalize medical marijuana. This sounds great and NY is a great city, so why is it last on the list? Well, just ask Vice News how flawlessly they have managed to turn one of the best things to happen to America since George Bush left office, into a joke. In their article, How New York Totally Screwed Up legalizing Marijuana, it states there are no edibles, and smoking pot is still out of the question for medical marijuana patients, leaving them with concentrated capsules. I mean seriously where is the fun in that!? So, although they are able to use it medicinally , they are definitely making it much harder than it needs to be just to acquire the permit. Even with all this New York is still one of the best states to smoke weed in, since it has announced that (non medicinal patients) who have less than 25 grams of pot on them at any given time are just going to receive a ticket. So where else could you get off the plane, smoke some weed in an alley way behind your hotel, and then take a stroll through the Central Park while enjoying a nice cheap pizza? New York baby, that’s where.

4. Nevada

Making it to number 4 with its nifty Nevada weed laws, this state isn’t just here because of Las Vegas (actually, yes it is). Sin City not only has legalized gambling and prostitution, but has just added legalizing marijuana for recreational use to it’s November 2016 ballot (fingers crossed!). I don’t think this state could get any more fun if it tried! Until then, if you are planning to travel to Las Vegas, I mean Nevada, then having a medicinal card from another state allows you to obtain one in this state as well. Easy peasy. Of course there are some regulations that you must meet, but if you are just another stoner then I’m pretty sure you are in the clear. For more information on how you can obtain this card and what rules to follow just check out this section Can I get my Medical Marijuana if I am not a Nevada Resident on In my past experience (I have Red Cards from 2 different states) you should be merrily on your way to a dispensary within a few hours.
3. Alaska
When it comes to Alaska and weed, Alaska natives have had an ongoing relationship with Mary Jane way before the law was even proposed. Since 1975 adults have had the right to smoke and possess marijuana in their own homes, making this the first state to do so, and paving the way for medical marijuana and now recreational use. For over a year now, if you are 21 and older and are traveling to the home state of the Aurora Borealis (because who wouldn’t want to see the Northern Lights while smoking a nice joint), then go ahead and toke up! This state has long been known to  be a “stay out of my business” kind of mindset with it’s residents. So if you decide the bears and heaping tons of snow aren’t deal breakers for you, then you might even want to stay in Alaska. If you do, you could grow up to 6 plants of cannabis in your home and hey if you want to make nice with the neighbors, then go ahead and gift them up to 6 plants , considering they are 21 and older. Of course, I’m sure a yummy batch of special brownies will do just the trick 😉
2. California
Next on the list is my favorite state in the whole United States, California! Although the correlation between cannabis and California is a great one, it was still not good enough to make it to number 1. The reason for this being that although California has been great to many when it comes to marijuana it is still lagging behind Colorado and Washington by not allowing it for recreational use. Even so, visiting California and getting your smoke on is not as difficult as one may think (If anybody actually thinks it is). It is quite the contrary, making Cali the best experience I have had so far when it comes to getting my Red Card. The process is painfully easy, and one that I will get well into detail on my next post, so be on the look out. Not only that, but its dispensaries are top notch! Such as Green Goddess in Venice Beach, which will give you free goodies for being a first time customer.If you decide not to take the high road, and instead find that “good good” without a license (very easy as well),California has decriminalized weed.But, you should know to limit your substance to 28.5 grams otherwise you will get a slap on the wrist and $100 fine. Not bad, but if you are thinking of carrying “concentrated cannabis” such as hash, this is still a felony and not something I advice when visiting California. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
1. Colorado
And last but definitely not least, coming in at number one, the home of the beautiful Rockie Mountains, and one of the first states to legalize weed for recreational use, the one and only Colorado! This state really takes the cake! You can ski, you can climb mountains, go water rafting, pet squirrels (don’t ask) and all while under the influence of good ole Marijuana! Visiting Colorado really is like a heaven for stoners (and non stoners alike). In 2012, Colorado voters passed the law to make weed legal for anyone over 21, it is as easy as going to the store and buying yourself a six pack. This really was a ground breaking moment, and one that I can say I was lucky enough to actually experience as I was living in Colorado at the time the law was passed. My good friends and I headed to the streets to celebrate! Unfortunately, this wasn’t Miami, so there were no cars honking and no pots and pans being banged on while screaming at the top of your lungs. Even so this didn’t matter. That day I can definitely say I was proud to be an American! The way the law works is as follows: Non- residents can buy up to 7 grams of any kind of bud concentrate (edibles, hash, oil), but the law states anyone over 21 can carry up to an ounce (28 grams) at a time. So go ahead and try out 4 different dispensaries until you reach your ounce, and then take a nice long stroll through the beautiful streets of Colorado while enjoying the scenery and your nice fat joint of Blue Dream.

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