Miami, to NY, to LA and back

Hello my fellow gypsies!

I hope that you took the second (literally) to answer the poll above, and at the end of this blog why not take the time and explain why you chose which city. Sounds like a good conversation topic, that is, unless your out drinking with friends. Then this topic might be just as bad as a Bernie Sanders Vs. Trump Vs. Hillary . One is a given, the other is a joke and the latter, well why even be in there at all?? 😉

If you haven’t guessed it by now ( the title, the poll etc.) this post has to do with my days between Miami, which is my hometown, New York City  ( Heyyyy East Coast) and the lovely yet traffic hell hole capital that is Los Angeles.

Prior to what is my life now, I lived a very wild life of pleasure travel combined with work traveling as well. Luckily enough this was my life for quite a few years.I went on many trips, but these lovely places made the biggest impact in my life as well taught me the most and allowed me the “leisure” of staying longer than I should have in the first place.

Beginning with Miami, my favorite, my love, my HOME. It was also the home of the  famous trinity: Bosh, Wade and LB James a.k.a The Heat (Keeping it in 3’s, Sorry Birdman) , the infamous football team The Dolphins and also a temporary home for the snow birds that come down every year to soak up some cancer rays and put some money in our pockets. On behalf of all Miamians, we thank you whities.

If you have ever actually lived in Miami and I mean LIVED. Not came to visit your cousin for two weeks during spring break, in which you partied your a** off, fell in love with a cubanito (or two) and spent your days lounging by the beach. I’m talking about where’s my cafecito? Checking the view from your condo in Brickell just to see what 95 and the Palmetto look like this morning and are you going to Floatopia again this year? Miami living. Then you know what the fuss is all about. After living in New York and Los Angeles and other places I wont mention due to the human brains inability to concentrate, I am more than happy to call Miami my HOME. And if you disagree, and have lived here most of your life like I have, then you just need to get out more, or travel more.

After a couple of years into my career, I hopped on a plane and landed in NY for the 3rd time. The first couple of times, well lets just say my boyfriends had a pension for taking me to New York. Like really? So I arrive to NY, Brooklyn to be more exact ( I wish you could hear my accent as I say BrOOklyn, with those deep yet sharp O’s, or what are you tOAlking about? that hOt dOg. NAh, let me get that cOAffee.) The original plan was to go for a few days, work the weekend and come back home. Simple right? Except, this was me and this was me in a new place. Yep, trouble is brewing. By the end of the trip, I had made many connections. I cannot stress enough the amount of help it is to network specially if you are a sporadic gypsy like myself. Needless to say, I never took the plane back, basically quit/ got fired from my job in Miami and began a whole new life in NY. Why the hell not?

Lets start with the Bad first: I got a room in an apartment, super cheap, although weekly rent is a b*tch. Eventually made friends moved into another place, and if you don’t already know this NY has the smallest apartments in the world. People literally live piled on top of each other while pinching their pennies all day. Not a fun way to live. So the days turned into weeks, weeks into months and eventually the months came to an end. Sianora NY!

Best part about NYC: Manicures and Pedicures? $12 go to las Chinas in Brooklyn, just dont let them touch your hair(Trust me I know). They are no good for that.If you have curly hair like me or just want a bad a** blow out, find yourself a Dominicana, they are the BEST. When it comes to transportation that sub way will take you literally anywhere you have to go! Except be prepared to walk, A LOT (Specially in Queens). Regardless no excuses are allowed for not showing up somewhere in NY. And if your from Miami you know how much we depend on our excuses.

Eventually the summer faded, although not in bad timing because New York, you have no middle ground. It was hot! And I’m from the Sunshine State, I know hot when I feel it. Then came the winter and I was done! Made a few phone calls and waved goodbye to the shivering nights next to our POS heater.

Next Stop: Los Angeles

After being back home for a little less than a year (New York really did a number on me) your girl was enjoying life back in the 305. Of course, if you are traveler you know what happens when you take too much time off. You get the itch. Yep, that little burning desire to take that deal because the tickets are so cheap right now and you need to get out and your becoming stale and you have some time off coming up and your going crazy and there’s no escape except hopping on a plane next week, tomorrow, today. That itch. And with that in the back of my mind I found my next opportunity. I would be traveling to Salt Lake City for work, just a couple days of travel and head back home. As fate would have it I was taking a flight with a layover in LA both ways. Oh no, I smell it, trouble was brewing again.

After a couple of wonderful days skiing and working in SLC, I bitter sweetly packed my bags to go back home. I say bitter sweet because as much as I LOVE Miami, SLC was new and yet not completely explored. For whatever reason though, I didn’t have a complete urge to stay. Maybe it was the Mormons (I kid they are great people and your stuff will never get stolen) or maybe it was the lack of fast paced energy I was accustomed to that just told me in my gut, “Kat, get on the plane please” and I did. But then I got off the plane, and I wasn’t in MIA. I had arrived at my layover stop in LAX. Just for a little background, I happen to know a friend of mine since I was like 15 who has lived in LA for more than 8 years. So I made a phone call and before I knew it my bags were on their way to Miami and I was still in LA ( Later that night I called the airlines and explained I had an “emergency”, my bags arrived in LA the next day). Fast Forward to 10 months later and yep, you guessed it I was still in LA.

In that first week I went job hunting on Venice Beach. Luckily for me it was the summer which meant there were plenty of jobs and plenty of tourist money floating around just waiting to be plucked from their sweaty european hands. I couldn’t find a place as everything in California is HELLA (LA slang for VERY) expensive and public transportation is better than Miami yet not as good as NY, so I began by renting out a hotel room near Venice. I was making good money and the location was good so I didn’t mind paying the extra tourist fees imposed on EVERYTHING near Venice at this time. If you know someone and your visiting in the summer, I urge you to stay with them.

Now if you know anything about Venice Beach you know its a hippie landfill for fun and laughter, packed with as much Mary Jane as a normal human being could smoke. The people are genuinely friendly and at the same time you learn too quickly to avert your eyes from things that will only leave you pondering “WHY?” Its a love it and hate it kind of place. Much like South Beach, yet completely its own, but in the end it is only a facade. The beaches were only pretty until you tried stepping in the ice cold water (This is in the summer) and the sand was only as white as you could picture in your mind, but never as beautiful as you hoped it to be.

Other than its disappointing beaches, although Malibu is incredibly gorgeous and highly recommend you visit. LA’s biggest downside: Traffic. Something can be 20 mins. away and take at least an hour to reach. Its worse than Walmart on Christmas. One minute traffic is free flowing fine until you reach a SUDDEN (and I don’t think I could emphasize the word SUDDEN more) in the middle of the highway. I cant tell you how many times I almost died. Thank the Universe for my extra “Kat” lifes'( Meow).

In the end neither LA nor NY satisfied my average needs of having beautiful weather all year round, Beaches so beautiful you think they only exist in exotic places like Bali and such an energetic pace that could only be matched by the timing of a retiree on vacation ( Basically we are in a rush just to be late). Like we like to say in the 305: “We live where you vacation”, even if that means living in the middle of Hialeah.

See you next wednesday,

The Gypsy ❤


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