Welcome to The Gypsy Life

Hello fellow gypsies,

I would first like to welcome you all to my new blog “The Gypsy Life”. I know what you must be thinking another travel blog, ugh! And you know what? Yes, it is! The only difference is this is written by me for you, my fellow traveling gypsies. We live in an era of neo nomads, jumping on the next flight or wheels just to see what the next adventure brings! And why not? The world is so vast filled with crooks and crannies just waiting to be discovered and explored! This I believe is the fundamentals of self discovery. Learning about new cultures while at the same time learning a little about yourself and the life you are choosing to live. Well here’s to Carpe Diem!

This blog will begin by covering the quintessential rules of what makes someone a smart traveler. From how to save money, to tips on making the right connections all the way to making the most of your experience while on the road. I will be sharing experiences from my own travels on what Ive learned along the way as well as stories from other travelers. For the past few years I have heard time and time again how my friends and people I have encountered envy my life of travel. Well now I am passing this knowledge on to you. Lets make this generation the best traveling generation the world has ever seen and I am positive we are well on our way to achieving this.

Stay tuned for my next blog on how to begin your new journey!

Happy and safe Travels,

The Traveling Gypsy


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